Marble Surface

July 19, 2020
Fr. Ed Smith

Wisdom 12:13, 16-19; Romans 8:26-27; Matthew 13:24-43


Jesus continues to tell stories. Therefore, we have more parables this week! After last week’s excursion into the world of seeds, soil, thorns, rocks and stones, we now are given the following: wheat and weeds, mustard seeds, and yeast. And what is Jesus trying to tell us with all of this? He is teaching about the Kingdom of God. A kingdom of goodness, love and peace. A kingdom that is already here because of the presence of Jesus. But this brings us to an important question: Did something go wrong? If the Kingdom of God is here, how is it that we still have war, disease, hatred, poverty, disasters and pandemics? Where is the presence of Jesus in all this? Where is this Kingdom of God? The answer to this comes down to faith. Consider this: it would take no faith to believe in God’s presence if everyone were forced to love each other, and if there were no wars, disease, poverty, or disasters; because God would not have given humanity the free will to make its own decisions. He trusts us enough to choose what is good, holy and loving. And even though there are ugly realities that we face in this world, we can still be people of faith. In fact, we MUST be people of faith. And this is not some vague faith in ‘something’, but faith in God and in His Kingdom: A Kingdom that works in a mysterious way…in a manner that the human mind cannot completely comprehend. Still, it is here, even if it is difficult to see sometimes [like a tiny mustard seed]. As we progress through summer, it is good to remember that even the smallest of good deeds can lead to glorious results; and even the presence of some “weeds” such as anger, frustration, pain or grief, can be seen as opportunities to forgive, grow, love and heal. We are all citizens of the Kingdom. We are all God’s beloved children. We are all called to be people of faith. This is what God has in store for us, and as good as we may think it is, His plan for us is even better than we believed. Now that’s a story worth hearing anytime!