Marble Surface

June 21, 2020
Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time A
Bulletin Reflection
Fr. Ed Smith

Deuteronomy 8:2-3, 14b-16a; 1 Corinthians 10:16-17; John 6:51-58

Welcome to a reflection on trust as our Sundays return to “ordinary time”! Our Gospel for this weekend gives a wonderful ‘triple-play’ about not being afraid. In this passage, Jesus says: “Fear no one,” and later, “Do not be afraid,” and finally, “So, do not be afraid!” Three times in one Sunday Gospel! He is telling us that we never need to fear. How much clearer could he make it?! But why do we not have to be afraid? Jesus puts life in perspective, and reminds us that our life is eternal, that what he tells us in secret we are to proclaim in the light, that people do not have power over our eternal lives, and that our heavenly Father watches over everything that happens on this earth, even to the point of noticing when a sparrow falls to the ground. Simply stated, today’s Gospel is a marvelous lesson about Providence. God has a plan for our lives. He cares and guides us along the way, giving meaning to our existence, quietly inspiring us to do what is good. Not only that, He is ultimately leading us to eternal glory. If all this is true, then why in the world would we ever be afraid? God’s love is more powerful than any evil, violence, difficulty or even virus that could enter into our lives. God’s love transforms our lives into something greater than we could have ever asked for or imagined. And that same love calls us to heaven, and a life of light, happiness, and peace. So, let’s listen to Jesus on this one: “Do not be afraid!” because we have a Father in heaven who gave us life, loves us throughout that life, and wants us to share eternal life with Him! Nothing in this world can top that!from a pandemic.