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1867 – March 3rd. The Catholic Families of the Little Miami Valley formed a committee to start a parish and build a church in Columbia.


1867 – November 3rd. The new church was completed and named St. Stephen after the first martyr. Archbishop Purcell blessed the first church.


1868 – A combined school and pastor’s residence was completed.


1869 – June 1st. Reverend Klawitter was assigned as the first resident pastor.


1880 – Due to financial struggles the parish was forced to sell the organ and pastor’s residence furnishings at public auction.


1892 – St. Stephen celebrates its first 25 years with an increasing congregation in an improving neighborhood.


1908 – Architectural plans are drawn up for a new St. Stephen.


1913 – The old school moved to its present location to make room for a newer and larger school building completed in 1913.


1922 – January 23rd. Fire broke out in the “boys’ sacristy” causing irreparable damage to the building.


1922 – March. It was decided to build a new church.


1923 – Construction proceeded quickly and the new rectory was completed in 1923.


1924 – May 18th. Archbishop Moeller dedicated the new church.


1943 – After 25 years, worn with age and frustrating financial times Father Meyer retired.


1944-1946 – The church debt was retired, and extensive improvements were made including the mural and stained glass windows.


1967 – Father Schaeffer and the parishioners of St. Stephen celebrate the First 100 Years.


1972 – Because of a dwindling population and with great regret, St. Stephen School was closed.


1991 – Felt a cool breeze on those hot summer days with air conditioning.


1992 – St. Stephen celebrates its’ 125th Anniversary.

2017 - St. Stephen celebrates its' 150th Anniversary after installing a new air conditioner and boiler in the church.

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