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Parish Council

The "voice of the people."  It is the principal organization whereby parishioners, through their representatives, share in the life of the parish by means of consultation, planning, evaluation and recommendation.  The Pastoral Council can have up to nine members whose term is three years.  

Pastoral Council Chair

Frank Fazzio, Liz Glassmeyer ,

Joe Motz,  Linida Nechemias,     Carol Whitaker

Social Activities

The purpose of the Social Committee is to plan and execute the parish social activities and celebrations.


Lisa Meiners & Chris Runtz, Chairs

Sick & Homebound

The Circle of Caring is a parish ministry that strengthens the relationship between the people in need and the broader St. Stephen community. The Circle reaches out to the sick, the homebound, and others
to provide a helping hand with a friendly face.  Please contact the office and we will provide your information to

John & Pam Ring.



The Finance Committee advises and assists the pastor, pastoral administrator and parish council in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish.



Mike Carwile  

Bob Brandstetter


The Bereavement Committee assists family members and clergy with funeral preparations.  
Please contact the office   (871-3373) and we will have one of our committee members contact you.

Call the Church Office



Click HERE  


Julie Clifton

(513) 470-6367

Sarah Jurgensen

Wedding Coordinators

Our team of wedding coordinators assists the wedding couple and priest during the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony held at St. Stephen Church.

Please contact Diana if you would like to join our ministry.  We welcome everyone!


Chi Chi Barnhorn, Chair


Liturgy & Worship

This committee assists the pastoral administrator with the planning and implementation of parish liturgies.  This committee  schedules Eucharistic Ministers, Servers, Lectors and Mass Coordinators. Please contact the office if you would like to share your time and talent.

Maureen Tenkman

Greeters & Ushers

The Greeters and Ushers Committee’s mission is to create a welcoming environment at parish liturgies.
If you would like to help, please contact the office at 513-871-3373.

Social Action

The Social Action Ministry brings awareness of the social justice teachings of the Cathokic Church by faciliating action through education, advocacy and service. 


Vic & Maureen Tenkman, Chairs


Marketing & Public Relations

The marketing committee's goal is to increase SSC enrollment and increase mass attendance. We strongly believe that once people attend a mass a St. Stephen and experience the warmth and spirit of our community, they will come back!

If you would like to help, please contact the office at 513-871-3373.

St. Francis Seraph Ministries Volunteering

Join us in serving a dinner meal at the St. Francis Seraph Ministries Soup Kitchen.

Every Second Thursday of the Month

Click here for the signup link

If you are a first time volunteer, click HERE for the waiver form

Click HERE for parking map

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